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I used to be a black-and-white kind of thinker. There was a right and wrong way to do things. But HR? It's a world of gray.

I've learned the hard way, but you don't have to. I teach general webinars, coach others one-on-one and help owners set up their businesses for HR success.

Let my failures become your "beginner's luck" and that way you can help me change the old narrative of "going to HR is like going to the principal's office".

You in?! Good. Let's connect.

what I wish I had...

providing HR success for individuals, teams & businesses

HR through my eyes

Growing up, I couldn't rely on guidance counselors or career advisors. I quickly learned no one cared about my future endeavors more than me... 

It was 2007 *makes a "Chip Gaines-Salute" to her glory days* and my high school graduation was nearing. I felt completely alone and unprepared to "adult" my way through the next chapter of my life. I didn't have a mentor, a coach or even a close role model who could unlock a door and show me what next steps to take. (Sound familiar?) I was bombarded with questions and never-ending decisions: What do you want to be when you grow up? Will you go to college? What will you study? And honestly, I didn't care. All I wanted to do was get the heck out of my small town and leave everything behind. SPOILER ALERT: I didn't get very far. I had dreams of making the big bucks and having bunches of people work for me without having to move a muscle. ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT: That didn't happen. So instead, I resorted to mapping EVERYTHING out on my own; every step of the way (without a pep squad). Let's be real - it got pretty gloomy there for a bit. But after all the planning and prepping and mistake-learning along the way, I started this business with the goal of helping others who probably walked in my (fake Ugg) boots too. Not just before graduation, but through all the career journey years that followed.

one on one

Career Coaching

No matter what stage of your career, I'll partner with you to discuss career goals and build actionable plans in order to achieve success. 

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kris' career growth academy

Webinar Programs

I've compiled my most-requested HR questions and turned them into easy-to-follow, pre-recorded videos so you can implement best practices anytime, anywhere. From personal branding to navigating tough conversations, I've got tips you don't want to miss!

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HR Business Consulting

Ideal for businesses with 10 to 50 associates. Think of the full HR Life Cycle and then some. Talent acquisition, development, engagement even turnover management.

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Let's work together, yeah, yeah, yeah!

If you or your business is looking for an HR redesign, send my team a message and we'll schedule a free intake meeting to connect on your priorities and how our organization can help you grow.

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We've all been through classes before where the professor's a snooze & we can't wait to leave. Kris is the complete opposite. She's super engaging and the way she teaches is more like having a conversation with a friend.

- Emily

josh was promoted in
JUST 1 month

"Kris took the time to mock interview with me to prepare for a role I was after. She's been able to help me grow personally and professionally and I can't thank her enough."

madi was offered
her dream job

"Kris had to give me some feedback. She could have left it at the surface level, but she went in depth. And I mean, IN DEPTH. We worked through examples of how to improve and I'm so thankful. With her positive and encouraging feedback, I was able to nail my next interview in a job I love!" 

joyce reflects on partnership

"I've worked with Kris for over two years now. We've been through a team reorganization, a new recruiting strategy and a rehaul of how we develop and discuss our talent. Reflecting on the last year, I couldn't be more thankful for her guidance and friendship." 

todd values kris' authenticity

"Kris genuinely cares and invests time in learning about my team. She is attentive and effective in reducing, addressing and avoiding potential concern areas for my associates. She has proactive communication (and often provides clarification) of HR actions, efforts, etc. and it is greatly appreciated. She is also able to recognize numerous priorities in order to manage time and expectations of the populations she supports."

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Every month, I like to share Pep Notes to our community of smart people (like you!) who are looking to capitalize on free resources that help accelerate their success. Not only do they provide easy-action steps, but they also cheer your growth on with SO MUCH PEP.

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