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Brand YOU-niversity

LinkedIn found that individuals with a strong personal brand are 20 times MORE LIKELY to be viewed by recruiters AND receive job offers than those without one. Get clear on how you need to be showing up for your network in Brand YOU-niversity.

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New Leader Development

Designed for individuals who want to enhance their leadership capabilities and advance their careers, this course provides participants with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to become effective and successful leaders in today's fast-paced business environment.

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We've all been through classes before where the professor's a snooze & we can't wait to leave. Kris is the complete opposite. She's super engaging and the way she teaches is more like having a conversation with a friend.

- Emily

josh was promoted in 1 month

"Kris took the time to mock interview with me to prepare for a role I was after. She's been able to help me grow personally and professionally and I can't thank her enough."

madi was offered her dream job

"Kris had to give me some feedback. She could have left it at the surface level, but she went in depth. And I mean, IN DEPTH. We worked through examples of how to improve and I'm so thankful. With her positive and encouraging feedback, I was able to nail my next interview in a job I love!" 

joyce reflects on partnership

"I've worked with Kris for over two years now. We've been through a team reorganization, a new recruiting strategy and a rehaul of how we develop and discuss our talent. Reflecting on the last year, I couldn't be more thankful for her guidance and friendship." 

todd values kris' authenticity

"Kris genuinely cares and invests time in learning about my team. She is attentive and effective in reducing, addressing and avoiding potential concern areas for my associates. She has proactive communication (and often provides clarification) of HR actions, efforts, etc. and it is greatly appreciated. She is also able to recognize numerous priorities in order to manage time and expectations of the populations she supports."

the kris experience

Detail- Oriented

While I believe in "Progress over Perfection", I also understand that when it comes to your own goals, it's the details that count. And I thrive in the details. They're my specialty.

challenging with a purpose

Clients have shared they appreciate my no-nonsense style that pushes them to dig deep for the answers that are within themselves.  I intentionally don't just GIVE you the solutions. I CHALLENGE you to build on what you already know to achieve your success.

Wealth of Knowledge

With over 10 years of general HR practitioner experience, I've been able to dabble in many facets of my trade - recruiting, building retention programs, handling employee relations, developing career enhancement platforms and leveraging tools to measure the success of my programs.

take a step forward

Let's work together, yeah, yeah, yeah!

If you or your business is looking for an accountability partner, send me a message and we'll schedule a free consult meeting to connect on your priorities and how my organization can help you grow.

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