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I'm Kris Randa :

HR Business Consultant, Career Development Coach, mind-speaker, dream-chaser, child-raiser, wine-sipper and your personal cheerleader when it comes to professional skill development. My background is Human Resources (& Pep Squad!) and my passion is helping others exceed their career and business development goals.

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It's time we stop rolling our eyes at the thought of involving HR. Allow me to help you define your HR goals,
then build a plan to achieve success.
This ain't the principal's office.
It's the gym during spirit week.
And I'm your pep rally.


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Whether you lead yourself, others, or a business, I offer tailored coaching and consulting options that can fit your personal and / or business needs.

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"How to Ace Your Next Interview" Guide

You think you only need to update your resume and send it in to potential employers?

Think again.

I built a tried-and-true template that will help you organize your skills, experiences and projects to better prepare you for your next big career leap so you land that dream job.

what clients say:

“...the way she teaches is more like a conversation”

We've all been through classes before where the professor is a snooze and we can't wait to get out of there. Kris is the complete opposite. She's super engaging and the way she teaches is more like a conversation.

— Emily


I'm Kris;
Your soon-to-be
HR Coach

If you're new here, welcome! Whatever goal brought you to my site, worry not. I'm here to "pump up your jam...and make your day" (see what I did there? BIG trivia nerd...who sings it?!) Anyway, I'm really passionate about seeing clients succeed in a way that makes sense for their actual goals. Wanna hear why?

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Whether you're just starting your career or you've been stuck in the same monotonous, windowless, dead end job, or you're a business owner looking to get their HR Practices cleaned up, I've curated killer resources to help you and your business succeed without the pressure of commitment.  

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