Importance of Leaving a Legacy

A sneak peek into the birth of “Randa-land”: Kris Randa’s dream to leave a legacy behind for generations to come.

January 24, 2022

Importance of Leaving a Legacy

Family Life

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and this is my family. One day when I'm gone, I want to #LeaveALegacy for them to look back on and be proud. I hope that in some small way, my articles and my work do just that.

The Birth of Leaving the “Randa-land” Legacy Starts Here

I’ve got big dreams of leaving a legacy for generations to come. You’re here witnessing the birth of the “Randa-land” Dream – how I plan on leaving my legacy behind.

We focus on all sorts of topics that folks like you and me can relate to. Yes, majority around career development and how to set yourself up for success, but also on things like traveling with family, being a working parent, how to instill a healthy culture for your team, growing your business and so much more.

Search for any one of those topics and receive loads of recommendations from me. And in the midst of all this great content, you’ll catch a glimpse into the crazy world of “Randa-land”. This is where my husband and kiddos constantly hear about my dreams of leaving a legacy behind for generations to come.

A Little Backstory First

Since my earlier days, I’ve been interested in my lineage – who my ancestors were, what they were like, how my story parallels theirs. I remember in sixth grade, our teacher introduced a new project. While everyone else groaned, I was ecstatic. See, we were tasked with learning our family’s history – where our lineage could be tracked to. America was a “melting pot”, right? So where did we hail from?

As a result of that project, I sat down with my grandmother, “Nyny”. She shared stories about her mother when she was a small child in Poland. From there, I was hooked. Not only did I collect stories from her side, but compiled stories from my father too; the last name that I was born with and the blood that runs through my veins.

And Now?

Now that I have children of my own, I’m making it my mission to ensure they know where they come from and the importance of leaving a legacy behind. None of us make it out of here alive, so leave a legacy you’re proud of, behind.

I have big dreams and at the epicenter of those big dreams is purchasing a chunk of land near some water. Not just for my family, but to operate a “cabin-in-the-woods retreat” for guests looking to relax and get away from their everyday worries.

More to come in articles to come. 😉

Happy Reading!

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