So you're looking for your next job, right? Orrrr you're seeing all the layoffs, and it's making you question if you're next.

What's your plan?

Updating your resume, blasting it out to every job post that remotely sounds like your expertise and plastering that little #OpenToWork logo on your LI profile? I hear you.

Trust me. I've been there. And it does NOT feel good.

Anxious, nervous, desperate...Does this sound like you?


Just imagine for me...

your best representation

Submitting a pristine, can't-pass-this-up resume to recruiters with confidence and pride

conversation starters

Having prime examples of your past work at the ready for any discussions with potential bosses

standing out from the crowd

Easily answering the most common interview questions with the most ideal answers tailored to the employer

Great news.
I can help with that.

I'm offering a 5-day, kick-your-professional-butt challenge that will not only set you up for dominating your next interview, but your results will be the FOUNDATION for excelling at interviews for years to come.

All we've got to do is get started.

I'm in! sign me up!

It's me!

introducing the

"Get That Job Offer" Challenge

I have a PACKED agenda teaching you all about my secrets on how to appeal to your aligned company in your dream career. You'll learn from me, an expert in interviewing candidates (and interviewing for myself!) who's lived and breathed Corporate America for over a decade. 

I need this!


We'll cover the types of resumes, the must-haves and the "you better not have this in there" tips and tricks.

Prepping Your Resume

You've got loads of experience, but when it comes to recalling the examples, you blank. I'll help you organize your thoughts.

Building a Project Bank

How many times have you been stumped by the same question in an interview? We'll cover the Q's and the A's here.

Common Interview Questions

Interviews aren't just for the company to evaluate candidates! It's YOU who also needs to interview THEM.

Your Core Values

You've got questions and I've got the answers. This is YOUR chance to talk through ANYthing on your mind with my process.

Live Q+A with Coach Kris


sound good?

Then Let's Do This.

My promise to you is to provide more value in these 5 FREE days than the last thing you paid for.
Just ask my past clients!


James got his whole life in order again

“I cannot thank Kris enough for her support. Whenever I speak with her, utilize her material, or read through her articles, I just...

cannot help but feel better about my career search, growth or development. I, like many other individuals looking for new employment, always have difficulty talking about myself. Her Interview Prep Checklist and career tools allowed me to easily and effectively navigate my interview process without any concerns. She allowed me to clearly transcribe my thoughts and past experiences on paper and therefore express them to the interviewer(s)."

Abbie built her confidence

"Her combination of compassion and knowledge is unparalleled!"

Kris’ sincerity, genuine belief in me and kind words made me feel like I can accomplish anything and everything I want. Her combination of compassion and knowledge is unparalleled!

I'm Kris Randa :

Business HR Consultant, Career Coach, mind-speaker, dream-chaser, child-raiser, wine-sipper and your personal cheerleader when it comes to professional skill development. My background is Human Resources (& Pep Squad!) and my passion is helping others exceed their goals. 

Are you ready to finally Get That Job Offer?


I teach my clients how to

Build a Personal Brand

Use Effective Interview Skills

Showcase their Past Experiences

Identify their Core Values

Create a Stronger, Confident Self

teach me too!

let's do this thing

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Become Best Friends?

If I haven't convinced you to work with me yet, let's talk it out. I offer free discovery consults to see if we're compatible.

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