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Career Development Coaching

If you had 1 hour at the end of each week and a dedicated coach leading you through tried-and-true tactics that best prepare you for your next challenge, with your career goals at the heart of every discussion, wouldn't you take that call?

just call me Coach K
-xo   ;)

You've spent countless hours focused on moving the needle of someone else's business.
But what about you? YOUR needle?
When's the last time you moved THAT one?

Tell me: Are you feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your current job? Do you have ambitious goals, but don't know where to start or how to achieve them? I've been there. I hired a coach and found that working through my own obstacles, allowed me to get out of my own head and into a six-figure paying job where I THRIVE in my jam. I want to pay that forward and help you in taking your career to the next level too.

If you can work through my guidance and follow the process, you will join my crew of career tree-climbers to your own success. So. Are you ready to move THAT needle?

let's do this. together.

What to expect:

career goal outline

You've got career goals and core values. I will help you verbalize what you're searching for out of the next step in your journey.

research & development

Once your career goals have been defined, we work through how to research existing companies and open positions that align with your core values.

targeted prep

We've verbalized your goals and core values. We've explored existing companies and open roles of interest. We'll then tailor your resume, role play interviews and capitalize on existing skills to build your confidence for your interviews ahead.

select the plan that works for you:


3 months of coaching


1 month of coaching

YOu're welcome, Josh!

It's the challenging questions that help you prepare and be confident for the next steps

"Kris took the time to mock interview with me to prepare for a role I was after. She's been able to help me grow personally and professionally and I can't thank her enough."


"Kris had to give me some feedback. She could have left it at surface level, but she went in depth.
and I mean, IN DEPTH."

"We worked through examples of how to improve my interview skills and I'm so thankful. With her positive and encouraging feedback, I was able to NAIL my interview and got an offer for the job I now love!"

the kris experience

Detail- Oriented

While I believe in "Progress over Perfection", I also understand that when it comes to HR needs, it's the details that count. And I thrive in the details. They're my specialty.

Challenging with a Purpose

Clients have shared they appreciate my no-nonsense style that pushes them to dig deep for the answers that are within themselves.  I intentionally don't just GIVE you the solutions. I CHALLENGE you to build on what you already know to achieve your success.

Wealth of Knowledge

With over 10 years of general HR practitioner experience, I've been able to dabble in many facets of my trade - recruiting, building retention programs, handling employee relations, developing career enhancement platforms and leveraging tools to measure the success of my programs.

Sign up for Career Coaching only if you...

Have your next position in mind

Are dedicated to putting in the work

Keep dreaming of a promotion

Can't stand being career-complacent

Are finally ready to focus on you

Don't skip a step before you take that leap.

Exploring another job opportunity in this market is a big leap - it's not for the faint of heart. Hiring managers and HR teams alike have been training for times like these.

Don't just submit your resume to any old job posting.

You should have a strategy. I have the step-by-step tools and the secrets that will guide you through these unchartered waters and land your dream job with the focus to move your needle.

All we've got to do is get you started.

does this sound
like you?

Then Let's
Do This.

Take the next step and invest in yourself. No one has ever regretted investing in their own career development and I make it simple enough for you to make that commitment. We will spend an 1 hour a week for up to 12 weeks dedicated to landing that ideal next role.

yes! I'm in!

select the plan that works for you:


3 months of coaching


1 month of coaching

let's do this thing

Did We Just
Become Best Friends?

If I haven't convinced you to work with me yet, let's talk it out. I offer free discovery consults to see if we're compatible.

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